Touring the wineries of Napa Valley. . . seeing the iconic landmarks of Hollywood. . . visiting galleries, museums and the numerous points of interest strewn throughout California and abroad. . . what better way to experience the world first-hand than taking a tour? Imagine taking scenic routes through some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation, all without having to watch the road ahead of you. Imagine live-streaming video to your loved ones back home of your adventures using our WiFi connectivity available on all coaches. Imagine arriving at each destination fully rested and energized to take on the new sights and sounds bombarding your elated mind. . . all without the inconveniences of driving yourself. Celebrity Bus Charter™ can make this scenario a reality for you and your group. Our fleet is well-equipped to make your journey a relaxing and memorable one, with our first-class Chauffeurs, our posh, climate-controlled interiors and our high-tech amenities. With Celebrity Bus Charter™, your group will give raving reviews of the whole experience and have you to thank.

Contact Celebrity Bus Charter™ today to plan out your tour. You’ll know you’ve made the right choice when you see the pleased faces of your guests as our shuttles arrive for pick up.

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