We all know that airports have become an unbearable inconvenience in recent years; even more so if you have a sizable group you need to escort to and from a terminal. Navigating airport terminals and following pick-up and drop-off protocal can leave your head spinning. Celebrity Bus Charter™ has hassle-free solutions to your group transport dilemma. Our highly-skilled and rigorously-trained Chauffeurs are adept at navigating airports and the maddening traffic inherent around any terminal. Our shuttles come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any sized group you may need to transport as well. Our Chauffeurs meet you as you arrive and escort you as you depart; and that with utmost courtesy and professionalism. Our vehicles are equipped with all the amenities your group needs to not only relax and unwind from a long flight, but to remain productive as well, with our WiFi connectivity and device plug-ins.

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